Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Web Hosting Services; Do Not Be One Of Them

In the duration we have been offering web hosting services, we have witnessed many clients make blunders when hiring a hosting company, only to come to us later with many regrets. While most of these clients are novices who know very little about hosting, most of the mistakes they make can be avoided only if they took time to consult with the experts or by asking the right questions. SeekaHost has compiled some common mistakes that we have observed clients make;

  1. Free Hosting; the internet is alive with fake ads enticing you to get free hosting services from this and that company. While this may appear irresistible and economical, truth is that there’s hardly anything like free hosting. Most of this so called free hosting is just a way to trap you, the moment you’ve signed up with them and started making some progress they ambush you with charges that were not managed initially. Alternatively, these services are usually slow, unreliable, and thus practically unusable.
  2. Reviewing prices upwards; one of the most common questions that new clients want to know is whether after purchasing our hosting packages, the prices will be reviewed upwards after the first month. The answer is that we don’t review our prices upwards. Most web hosting companies have this habit of wooing new clients with very seemingly low prices for the first month, but afterwards, dramatically increase them. We guarantee our clients 100% that we strive to ensure that the initial low cost of hosting their site remains so to the end.
  3. Unfriendly interface; before purchasing the services of any hosting company, it is recommended that you take time to ask as many questions as you can. Some of the best web hosting services are detrimental to your business aspirations due to the very fact that their interface is not user friendly. From videos and images that take a century to load, to an easy to navigate interface, all these will greatly discourage potential visitors to your site.
  4. Long term contracts; this is another blunder that SeekaHost encourages new clients to avoid. Regardless of how affordable the web hosting services appear, or how enticing the deal appears, always avoid long term contracts. We have seen clients come to us, saying they paid for a 2 year long hosting service, but 2 months down the line, they’ve realized that the services are unreliable and want to terminate the contract. Sadly, their money is not refunded, and they have to get an alternative service provider in order to meet their business or personal aspirations. Always avoid long term contracts, unless you know the web hosting company very well.


SeekaHost seeks to not just offer web hosting services, but also to help our clients meet their targets, whether as individuals or as business entities. We offer advice on the best package to suit your hosting needs, and also suggest ways on how to achieve your goals. Come to us today and experience web hosting services with a difference.

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Modern Home Furniture Brings Together Functionality and Design

When it comes to modern home furniture, affordability and quality go hand in hand. Consequently, even people on a tight budget can still acquire specific furniture designs they want for their homes at affordable prices. By choosing the right provider of modern designer furniture, you can easily get the furniture of your dreams at extremely affordable prices even though home enhancements are often linked with high expenditure.

Modern-Home-FurnitureAs you shop around online, you will discover that modern designer furniture is available in many designs and the same applies when you consider colours as well. By furnishing your home with modern designer furniture, you can save a considerable amount of money since there will be no more need to invest in costly decorative items for your home. As a result, style is combined with functionality. See more at fci London Modern Furniture Designs

Modern furniture is also easy to come by since they are stocked in many online shops. Buyers can now choose from a myriad of designs and compare rates of different providers specializing in modern designer furniture. You will also be happy to learn that you can find the exact type of furniture you wish to have at very affordable prices. Furthermore, the furniture items are ideal for all members of the family such as modern Contemporary T units

As shop around online for modern home furniture, look for furniture items that match your taste and your interior. There are unique sets that will no doubt match different sections of your home. The beauty of owning modern furniture lies in the fact that they can be acquired for different rooms. You simply need to set aside some time and search for furniture items that will perfectly match the design of your home interior. With modern furniture, you no longer need to sacrifice on the aspect of design, since functionality, quality and design are all brought together.3

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Shopping Tips for The Festive Season

Cheerful young woman wearing Santa's hat is buying Christmas presents online.

Hooray! The festive season is finally here with us, Christmas is just round the corner and before long, it is going to be the New Year eve! These are times we tend to travel a lot, be with family, feast, spend, and have all the merry making that we can lay out hands on. But come early next year, it is time for the kids to get back to school, and other tasks that require us to cough in some money. Well, if you are not keen today, you may end up spending so much on shopping that come next year you’ll find yourself in a huge debt. Below are some tips that should guide you this festive season even as you go shopping;

1. Shopping list; even in this day and age of internet, the good old shopping list still does magic. Rather than trusting your mind and memory, get a list of all the items you need to shop for as well as the cost for each. This helps you have a mental budget of what you want to spend during shopping.

2. Don’t always shop with kids; this may sound cruel, but the truth is that while tagging your children along with you when you go shopping appears to be fun, their presence leads to more spending! If you are going to buy and pay for every item your child points at or cries for, then you’re bound to dent your wallet greatly.

3. Impulse buying; Impulse buying during this festive season should always be minimized. Some merchants like to sell their ware outside shopping shops or entrances to supermarkets. Resist the temptation to purchase anything you hadn’t planned for when leaving for shopping.

Modern Furniture for Modern Family


Some years back, the ideal, dream kind of furniture in most homes was the classic furniture, or the contemporary furniture. Most people tended to associate families that own such furniture with being stylish, unique, and even cool. But that has changed, and today, if your home doesn’t have the flashy modern furniture, then it doesn’t rank as among the best. Well, perhaps to the proliferation of Hollywood movies and Romantic Mexican TV soaps, modern furniture has gained prominence and much popularity.

What are the advantages of modern furniture for a young family?

Unique; modern furniture stands out, it is unique, and gives your home an authoritative feel. This kind of furniture is hard for your guests or visitors not to gaze at in admiration.

Flexible designs; another benefit you’ll experience as a young family with modern furniture, is that it can be designed to suit your specific preferences and needs. If you have a small child whose room should be designed and furnished differently, modern furniture will be designed just as such. If your house isn’t so spacious, and you want a bedroom wardrobe with sliding doors to save some space, again modern furniture does just that.

Long lasting; most modern furniture is made of hard wood that is very durable and long lasting. As a young family, if you want a bed or a sofa that will still look great when your child celebrates their 18th birthday, modern furniture will last longer.

Cleaning; traditionally, furniture needed constant cleaning, polishing, and other maintenance tasks. But with the modern furniture, the wood is of such high quality, the finishing to professional that these pieces need little maintenance if any. You can easily wipe the furniture with a wet clothe, and have it look as good as new.

How To Save Money By Shopping Online

Shopping online has greatly revolutionalized the shopping experience; it has placed much power and control on the shopper’s hand. Unlike the traditional shopping where a client or customer would just go to where the seller was, and ask about the price, online shopping gives the shopper the freedom and power to compare and contrast, and pick the goods they feel are fairly priced. Today, at the click of a mouse, you can pay for goods online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Is online shopping really beneficial, can it help me save money?


The answer is an absolute Yes! Shopping online helps you save money in various ways.

First, you are able to check the various prices of the same product, from different sellers. This freedom enables you to pick out who has over priced their goods, and who is offering the best prices. This freedom may not always be there in the traditional mode of shopping.

Secondly, most online sellers offer handsome discounts to buyers who buy their goods online. In other words, sellers encourage buyers to buy more online at slightly lower prices than what the same item is retailing at in a shop or store. The discount could be in terms of the first 100 online shoppers having the goods delivered to them for free.

Thirdly, the money you’d have spent on fuel driving all the way to a store to get certain goods is saved when you shop online. Famous online shopping stores offer free transport for all goods purchased by customers, if they are worth a certain amount. Thus, you’ll browse for the goods online, pay online, then sit back and wait for the goods to be delivered.

However, be on the lookout for fake online shopping stores, and conmen. Always shop from reputable online shopping stores in order to reduce chances of being swindled, or of compromising your Credit card details.

How to Keep Your House Attractive – Tips For Moms

A house should always be neat and tidy, and while this is largely the responsibility of everyone, it is the mom of the house who bears most of the responsibility. As a Mom, you have to balance between feeding your child, serving your husband and family, without making your house look like a lunatic’s dining hall.


Below are some handy tips you should never forget, if you wish to have your home always attractive;

Collective responsibility; start by informing everyone inside the house on the need to ensure that the house is neat and tidy at all times. From your husband, to other children old enough let them learn to clear their plates and cups after meals. It is bad manners for anyone to leave the utensils they just used right there on the table.

Have a dustbin; while the main dustbin of your house ought to be placed outside, it is always recommendable to have a smaller bin in your kitchen. It makes it easier for you to collect waste and rubbish from other rooms, and dumping it there, before emptying it later to the larger bin outside.

Have a routine; as a mom, you cannot manage to do all household chores without a coherent plan. Thus come up with a timetable of your to do things. Know what time you serve breakfast for your husband for instance, what time he leaves for work, what times you feed your child, when he or she sleeps and you have free time to do some washing, and so on so forth. A timetable helps you plan your time wisely.

Get a nanny; house girls, or house maids, also known as nannies, can also help you keep your house attractive, especially if your child is a newborn, and you still haven’t regained your strength. These nannies can be either a person who live with you inside your house, or someone who comes each morning and leaves in the evening.

The most common problem while shopping online

problems while shopping online

Despite the many advantages of online buying there are likewise issues which may occur with this type of shopping. These issues such as purchasing the wrong item, getting the incorrect product and the need to return an item can frequently be considerable adequate making a potential online shopper reevaluate the choice to acquire an item online. Although these problems are a few of the most common which happen in online buying they do not always happen regularly. Nevertheless, when these problems do occur they can cause a great deal of tension and aggravation for the online shopper. This short article will discuss a few of these common issues in an attempt to help the reader make a smart choice about whether or not to acquire an item online.

Buying the Wrong Product

When shopping in conventional shops it is fairly challenging to unintentionally acquire the wrong item because the sales process generally involves the customer physically carrying the item up to the sales counter to make the purchase. However, in online shopping where the customer never ever physically handles the product before the purchase is complete and the product provided it is certainly possible to acquire the wrong item. This can occur when the buyer makes use of the site to make the purchase and clicks on the incorrect item or when the customer contacts client service to make the purchase and provides the incorrect item number. Even if the consumer clicks on the correct product and provides a precise product number he may still make a mistake in the purchasing process if there are alternatives such as size or color connected with the product. This issue can be rather unpleasant due to the fact that the customer will be dissatisfied when the inaccurate product is gotten.

Receiving the Wrong Item

Even when online buyers do not make mistakes during the ordering process it is still possible for the consumer to receive the wrong item. This typically happens when the orders are filled by hand and an error is made in the stockroom. A stockroom maker may ship the wrong product completely or may deliver the proper item in the wrong size or color. Once again the customer will likely not know an error was made till the order shows up. The online retailer will likely take responsibility for returning the inaccurate item and will ship the proper item as soon as possible. However, this may not totally fix the problem in all cases. For instance a consumer who acquired a product for a particular event might not receive the replacement item in time for the event.

The Had to Return an Item

In situations where the online shopper orders the wrong item as well as scenarios where the online retailer incorrectly ships the wrong item there might be a need to make returns. Although this may not seem to be a huge issue it can be specifically bothering for some customers. In particular online buyers who opt to do their buying online specifically due to the fact that they work odd hours may have a good deal of difficulty making returns. This is since the process of delivering the item back to the online seller will typically involve taking the product to a post office. Depending on the hours where the consumer works, it might be difficult to get to a post office throughout regular company hours and may need the consumer to require time off from work making the return.